Thank you so much for being on the list, I hope you're enjoying this journey as much as me! Some exciting events have happened since I updated you last month so I'll dig right in.

The web design company I work with, SOUTH ( has agreed to design the book. This includes the spine, covers, inside flaps, website updates, and the interior chapters. I'm excited for the first designs in few short weeks!

On July 7th I sat down for a meeting with Dr. Jairy C. Hunter, president of Charleston Southern University. I met with Dr. Hunter to ask for his approval to use the school's name and logo, but also to help promote the book once published. The meeting... could not have gone better! Dr. Hunter has given his approval for Charleston Southern to help with promotion of the book, provided a quote, and has allowed me to use the school's logo and other proprietary information.

I'll be spending more time (quality and quantity) over the coming months as we inch closer to launch. Over this time, you will be privy to exclusive updates via email. BUT, if you're a social person, be sure to checkout the Facebook page for some other fun pictures and trivia:

Finally, I wanted to share some of the photos Miss Tam Odom graciously allowed me to use from her time as the CSU photographer. This is only a handful, the best will be making their way into the pages of the book. Photos can be viewed here:

That's all for now, thank you for sharing the website and Facebook page with friends and family. I welcome you to continue sharing, with your help the story is gaining some amazing momentum!

Take care, and Go Bucs!