There's been a problem with the book. It's a simple oversight that has caused some problems and I have nobody to blame but myself. This whole self-publishing thing is difficult! 

I have been telling everyone that this book will be hardcover and I told you, my very supportive audience, that it will cost about $25. Well, that's false. Turns out I can't sell a hardcover book for under $30 unless I'm a big publishing company. This has thrown off my timeline and I'm now scrambling with new formats. 

Though the book will not be ready on 10/31 as I projected, this does create some cool new opportunities that I'd like to share with you. 

First, let me explain what will be for sale when the book is (finally) published in early November:

1) An eBook readable on all devices, priced around $10.
2) A Paperback that will be widely sold and marketed, priced around $20.

What I want to share with you is that I am considering selling a 3rd option option as well. A hardcover! However, this would be a limited run (50 or 100 max) and I have to pre-purchase them. Since they all ship to me, I'll be personally distributing them to the people who want them with a personalized thank you note and a little something extra in it. 

Here's the catch, the hardcover option will cost around $49.21. It will be a special edition and only a few will be printed. Essentially, these will be collector's items. I am not naive, I know that most people are not going to want to buy a $49.21 book. If you prefer the ebook or the paperback, you can stop reading here and I'll send out another update soon with your free chapter. 

But, if you would even consider owning a hardcover book with a signature, a personalized note from me, and little something extra, please click the link below. 

There have already been *updated* 75 Special Edition books purchased, there are only a few more. If you have questions, feel free to email me directly.

Take care, and Go Bucs!

Mike McCann