Over the past few weeks I've hardly slept. I'm excited, nervous, and anxious all at once! I appreciate you accompanying me on this journey and I want to reassure you we're almost there. This email will be short and sweet because I have tons (copyrighting, formatting, final edits, etc.) to do.

To those of you who have pre-ordered a hardcover: THANK YOU! The run of 100 Limited Edition hardcovers is being printed and shipped to me in another week +/-. As soon as these are printed, I will be mail them to you with the address listed in the "shipping address" field you filled out at checkout. If you missed the email, there are still a few hardcovers available. Click here to find out more.

Enjoy it and share it with anyone you like, it's free for a reason

We're still a couple weeks away from live publication so hang in there with me. Upon launch, we'll have an ebook as well as a paperback-copy book for sale. You'll be the first to know when "launch" has officially happened. 

Take care, go Bucs!

Mike McCann